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Holidays consisting of playing jokes and hunting colored eggs may have come to a halt, but April still showers us with more events and celebrations. One upcoming holiday in particular pays tribute to the blue and green sphere we live on, and spreads awareness on environmental issues and solutions. This day is known as Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22nd. Though the holiday was solely celebrated in America since 1970, the holiday became a global observance in 1990. In honor of the impending, 31st year for the worldwide celebration, we at ecomadic would like to highlight the festivities nine nations partake in to celebrate and educate civilians on mother Earth! 


Yoyogi Park, Japan Source: Marek Okon

Since 2001, Japan has been hosting its “Earth Day Tokyo” event in Yoyogi Park. A free admission event, visit various booths of eco-friendly businesses, charities, and NPOs that share sustainability ideas and sell nature-conscious products. There is also a concert where artists come out to perform for the great cause. When in the need for refreshments, there is an area in the park which supplies visitors with organic, vegan foods and beverages. So many workshops and organizations to learn from, no wonder this park event prolongs for two days!


Kerala Backwaters, Alappuzha, India 📷: @kyranlow

Not just a holiday, but Earth Day’s a movement in India to advocate for the country’s environmental projects. Projects such as ending pollution, #trees4Earth, reducing endangered species, and climate literacy are the few programs that get promoted heavily in schools, rural villages, and major cities to better India’s ecosystem. Like many countries that participate in the holiday, India also plans projects surrounding the respective year’s theme. The theme for Earth Day 2021 is climate restoration. India contributes to the theme through activities such as planting trees, recycling, saying no to straws, climate literacy seminars, and art contests! As more people get involved in the different Earth-related programs, it is only a matter of time for green restoration to occur in the world’s second-most populous nation. 


Enugu, Nigeria 📷: @oviidaniel

On the coast of West Africa, Nigeria celebrates Earth Day by taking a stance on sustainability in soil management. Since Earth Day falls on the week known in some nations as “Global Soil Week”, Nigerian environmentalists put in effort between the 19th and 23rd of April to host webinars and outdoor events to showcase the importance of soil for the country’s agriculture. On the 22nd, the country celebrates the afforestation programs in the many regions of Nigeria through planting trees and honoring environmentalists who protect plants and the ecosystem’s health. Due to popular cities such as Lagos being close to the Bight of Benin and the Atlantic Ocean, there are also many beach cleanup events set up during the holiday. A country of “unity, faith, peace, and progress”, Nigeria pushes forward to celebrate and preserve the planet! 


Fraser Island South Beach, Australia 📷: @antoinebeauvillain

No matter where you are in Australia, there’s something to do down under on Earth Day. In West Perth, there’s an Earth Matters Exhibit at the Scitech Science Centre. Through simulations and science shows in the exhibit’s five zones, visitors learn about the significance every human action has on the environment. Further south in Sydney, there’s a three-day event (April 20th – April 22nd) hosted by the University of Sydney Union known as EnvrioWeek. Between plant-based food trucks, tours of the campus’ biodiversity, and various workshops, such as waste-free cooking demos, this event is a sustainability sanctuary. No matter the event, Australia has something that’ll provide education and exploration on Earth Day! 


Île de Ré, France 📷: @maybeegreen

Le Jour de la Terre, as it’s called in France, has different activities in celebration of the holiday. Though most are primarily cleanup events such as plogging in Paris, and events educating citizens on climate change, there’s an event that allows one’s artistic abilities to shine! The Paris Collage Collective calls upon artists to create pieces showcasing an environmental issue, which they post on their instagram page and on their website. Every Earth Day, there’s a color theme for these challenges, with this year’s color being yellow. For those who enjoy making statements through illustrations, this is a great opportunity for their visions to gain exposure, while also giving visual aid in promoting environmental causes. Vive la France! 

United Kingdom

Westminster, London, United Kingdom 📷: @mingjuntan

Earth Day in the UK is celebrated through means of education on the environment. When the events aren’t webinars, the majority take place in schools. In the many regions, such as Suffolk and Whitstable, students are requested to aid in cleanups in local parks or forests, or go see screenings of eco-friendly films and plays. In Manchester, the schools’ streets are closed off to set up workshops and activities to strengthen the students’ awareness on climate change, conservation, and anti-pollution. Although Earth Day is for all ages, instilling eco-friendly ideals into the younger generations will keep environmentalism moving forward for years to come! 


Jasper National Park, Canada 📷: @brandtphotography

In various provinces, artists and environmentalists will have ads placed on buses throughout the week Earth Day falls on for townsfolk to view. Head to Jasper National Park in Alberta, where they celebrate the holiday with clay. Workshops are set up for those who want to create items with said clay, like garden markers or spoon rests. Due to the ongoing pandemic,one of Canada’s biggest campaigns for the holiday is celebrating at home. There will be numerous online events where performers and environmentalists will entertain and encourage viewers to take action starting in their own yard. Although Earth Day only occurs once a year, Canada’s celebration of it yearns for its citizens to make Earth a priority not only on the holiday, but every day. 


El Portil Beach, Spain Source: Adrián Macías

Cleanup events are an Earth Day pastime, but how about a cleanup event where one can pick up trash and become Picasso? At the El Portil beach in Huelva, Spain, volunteers pick up waste they find throughout the beach, and use what they find to make eclectic art pieces. The event’s goal will inspire others to recycle and make use of their own waste in creative manners that will bring less pollution to various habitats. In addition, let this the astounding, eco-friendly masterpieces emphasize how one person’s trash can truly be another person’s treasure! 

United States

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York 📷: @ruddymedia

Concluding with the country where it all began, America has an array of means to celebrate Earth Day. Community cleanup events occur in many towns in the states, some involving an educational workshop for the youth. In major cities, that’s where even more Earth Day shenanigans rears its eco-friendly head! In Brooklyn, New York, Albee Square gets closed off from cars and other vehicles, for families to bike ride, roller skate, and enjoy a performance by Artichoke Dance Company. In Houston, Texas, environmental company EarthX hosts a film festival throughout the week, screening various, competing environmental films at different outdoor and virtual locations around the city. Of course, a holiday that’s been celebrated more than half a century will also have nationwide events! National Geographic is putting together a virtual concert on the eve of the holiday, which will end with a virtual afterparty on the social media app, TikTok. Whether a small community function, or a mainstream, broadcasted event, the US will always provide options to bring out one’s passion for ecology!

Although traveling abroad is still limited during COVID time, as mentioned in many of these countries, there are plenty of virtual workshops, seminars, screenings, and other happenings for learning and amusement. To find more information about the different global events on Earth Day or that week, be sure to visit the Earth Day event map , and see how other countries tackle the restoration of the Earth.

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Rj Ross
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