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New Season, New Activities for an Exhilarating & Sustainable Spring

After months of winter wonders and wholesome holidays, all cold things must come to a melt. The flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising, the birds are returning from the South, and daylight’s saving time has leapt forward, which only means one thing: spring is here! A season of rebirth, rejoice, and turning over a new leaf. Talk about the perfect time to spring into new and engaging enterprises! Last spring, we couldn’t savor the season’s greetings due to the rise of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Gradually, things are getting better than the predicament we were once in. So with that in mind, we at ecomadic have constructed a list of seven activities to emerge excitement into your spring, whilst simultaneously keeping you environmentally conscious!


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As leaves start to bud on the tree branches, you can grow flowers to form a gorgeous garden in your yard. Before you plant any flowers or seeds, consider looking up plants native to your environment, in order to prevent invasive species and the overuse of water and other materials for plant growth. Alongside native plants, grow plants that accompany and attract creatures which combat pests from polluting your pretty garden. Take up activities such as composting organic waste instead of buying store-bought fertilizer with artificial herbicides, and harvesting rainwater in renewable rain barrels instead of constantly using a gardening hose. Each of these tasks will ensure a sustainable garden; enjoy the process and the end result of having a green and pristine yard!


As the local birds return from vacating during the colder seasons, go out and explore them in their natural habitat. Let your bird enthusiast soar by researching the different types of birds in your state; map them out, and throughout the spring season, travel to forests, national parks, and other ecosystems where the different birds rest their wings. Remember, this is birdwatching – emphasis on the ‘watching’ part; always respect the birds by keeping boundaries a la social distancing, and not tampering with their habitat. Doing so may hinder their lively cycle.

Food Harvesting

If you’re a foodie like this ecomadic writer, planting your own produce is the perfect activity during the spring. Instead of worrying about wasting, or possible pesticides in store-bought produce, head to your local markets and buy seeds to grow carrots, beets, tomatoes, berries, cherries, and many other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Similar to gardening, make sure the materials used are renewable and herbicide-free for a healthier and cleaner produce selection and environment. If you grow enough, use them in your favorite recipes, and set up a picnic or dinner outdoors with a small circle of friends and family who’ll enjoy the fruits and veggies of your labor. You’ll be in for a tasty treat this spring when you jump head first into harvesting produce!

Egg Hunt

Many holidays are celebrated in the Spring, Easter being one of the most popular ones. You’ve probably seen the display of Easter eggs, decor, sweets, and other fun supplies throughout various stores well before spring even started. Though not everyone celebrates the religious holiday, all are welcome to engage in the non-religious activities affiliated with Easter this year: one being the egg hunt! Invite some friends and family members of all ages to help design eco-friendly “eggs” and baskets for the hunt. If you or someone you know has a spacious backyard, hide the eggs in reachable areas that won’t bother the life production in said backyard (which is why we’re not recommending doing this in public outdoor areas). Even though this game is usually geared for children and families, adults can enjoy it as well, especially if you add prizes appropriate for those ages inside the eggs. Grab your baskets and have your eyes on the prize, ‘cause like Pokémon, you “gotta catch ‘em all!”


As the weather gets warmer, the fish start to appear. Why not take the time to throw down a line and bask in the beauty of the water with some spring fishing? Before taking a boat out onto the aquatic world, make sure it’s clean, and that the material you’re using to bait and catch the fish will not attract invasive species to the H2O habitat you’re heading to. In fact, if you’re going to catch any fish, it’s highly recommended to catch those that are invasive to the area. Doing so will contribute to the reproduction of the local creatures. If you do catch native fish, please release them back, especially species that aren’t high in population within the area. There are lots of wonders waiting for you in the waters below this spring!


On your daily jog outdoors, you’ve definitely encountered trash along your path. Oftentimes, you just pass by it, for who is going to pick up something foreign and filthy with their bare hands? Next time, be sure to bring disposable gloves and bags to partake in plogging! A term coined in Sweden, plogging provides the opportunity to pick up trash and recyclables while on your daily jog, walk, or any ambulation exercise you desire! This activity provides healthy benefits for you and the environment. It is also perfect if you’re hesitant to interact with too many community volunteers in organized, environmental cleanups during the pandemic. This spring, invite your friends or family members you trust to tidy up the trails, and protect the planet through plogging!


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Saving the seasonal pastime for last, bicycling is an activity providing fitness, recreation, and transportation. Instead of using a car to drive around locally, reduce your carbon footprint, and travel via bike to experience scenic views of nature blooming while cycling. In locations where the cherry blossoms reside, pedaling through those areas is quite exquisite during the spring. Want to make bicycling even more interesting? Plan a scavenger hunt with a few friends or family members, to bike around in your community and discover areas that are sustainable to the environment! May bicycling, and the other above-mentioned activities accelerate you into auspicious adventures this new season!

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Rj Ross
Rj Ross is a past content writer at ecomadic. With his BA in communications and love for creative writing, he hopes to inspire and inform many generations about sustainable living and responsible traveling.