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Meet Shammi– Founder of Travel4Purpose

ecomadic has been working with Shammi– founder of Travel4Purpose to create a mini-documentary on the Kenya Wildfires. She was able to interview park rangers who are fighting fires on the ground. At ecomadic, we’re super inspired by Shammi, her activism and her drive to run Travel4Purpose.

To learn more about the wildfires, click here and read on for a Q&A session with Shammi about her mindful company.

Shammi is a smiley upbeat girl with a vision. She was born in Mombasa, Kenya and then moved to London, UK with her family at the age of 6. After 20+ years of following the social norm; school, university, 9-5 corporate job, saving to buy a house, etc., she decided to align with her purpose and create a dream company that combines impact and travel. 

How did you decide to begin Travel4Purpose? 

“I noticed the negative impact over-tourism was having on the environment, cultures and local people. I absolutely love traveling and started seeking more sustainable ways to do so. Travel4Purpose was then born – with a mission to travel more sustainably and create a positive impact within the host country, while benefiting as a traveller by aligning to your purpose!”

How does T4P support sustainable travel and local communities? 

“All our experiences and trips create a positive impact. We work closely with local communities to ensure they directly benefit both on a monetary and knowledge sharing basis. Every experience taken through T4P we carbon offset, while ensuring sustainable practices are used. Even if you do not take a trip with us, we are constantly sharing tips and tricks on our social media and website to travel more sustainably and with more of a purpose! It’s a game changer, I tell ya.”

What do you look for in your partners? 

“That our values align – it’s so key. Also fellows you can have a good laugh with doesn’t harm!”

What should a traveller expect when you plan their experience? 

“We have pre-planned experiences but also totally custom-made ones. So literally, anything and everything! We are focused on purpose-led travel, therefore features that align with the individual can be curated and implemented. Overall, the traveller should expect an authentic, impactful and joyful experience that they’ll never forget!”

Who are some of the eco-enterprises you coordinate with? 

“Eco-lodges in national parks, eco-camps and eco-experiences that give back to nature. We’re all about that eco lifestyle.”

What is the T4P philosophy?

“Connect, Grow and Smile. Our ultimate aim is simply to create more smiles, show us those white teeth!”

What are your goals & visions looking ahead?

“We have 3 parts to T4P: the travel experiences, our rafikis and the blog. I hope T4P will be able to raise awareness regarding more sustainable and meaningful travel. But also really make a positive difference to numerous lives, both travelers and local people within the visiting country. Finally, I hope to see many more smiles – keep smilin’ Rafikis.”

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Meagan McRoberts
Meagan holds an MA in Creative Writing and is passionate about travel and sustainable living. When she’s not working, she’s either in the ocean, on her yoga mat, or in transit to somewhere new.