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Bare it All and Break Free at 9 Nude Beaches & Resorts

You’ve been overwhelmed by work, societal pressures, and the ongoing ramifications of COVID-19. Even for a brief period in your summer schedule, you need to go somewhere to strip away life’s issues, and be fun, free, and natural. What’s more natural than going au naturale? Clothing optional and nudist spaces are the escape havens for a major rush of boldness and liberation, while giving your birthday suit a sunny exposure. If what transpired during the pandemic didn’t do anything else, hopefully it taught you to live your life to the fullest, for tomorrow is never promised. Without further ado, we at ecomadic present nine nude beaches, resorts, and other spaces for you to bare it all and break free! 

Haulover Beach (Miami, USA)

Source: Miami Beach

One of the most renowned beaches in the Americas, let alone Florida, head on down to Haulover Beach! As you reach the 1.5-mile (2.4 km) long, clothing optional section, remove your wardrobe and bask in the beaming sun rays on the white sandy beach. Cool off and take a dip in the brisk, clear beach waters to give your body some satisfying hydration. As you get dressed to exit the nude beach, try out the amenities at the neighboring Haulover Park. Enjoy the rest of your time buying and flying a kite, getting a bogey or better at the nine-hole golf course, swinging a racket at the tennis center, or boating by the marina on Biscayne Bay. Whether you dare to go bare or do other activities, you’ll have a haulova (helluva) time at Haulover Beach! 

Hangin’ Loose Clothing-Optional Retreat & Botanical Gardens (Hawaii, USA)

Source: Go Hawaii

Let your hair and other body parts down on this tropical Hawaiian resort! Hangin’ Loose hopes to provide visitors the opportunity to experience naturism in a remote, private setting. You won’t find many tourist-heavy activities on this part of the island. However, when you are not taking a dip in the retreat’s pool or hot tub, or enjoying its fantastic native foliage and animal species in the nude, Hangin’ Loose is there to advise you to enjoy nudity and Hawaii in an authentic manner. Just minutes from the stay, you will find clothing-optional trails to hike, and beaches to surf and swim naked with the dolphins and other sea creatures. When you are ready to gear up in your clothes, head to the nearby Volcano National Park for an erupting escapade. Don’t be shy, and let it all fly at Hangin’ Loose! 

Praia de Furnas (Algarve, Portugal) 

Source: Algarve Tips

In the country of Port Wine, transport yourself to the remote, sandy paradise that is Praia de Furnas (Furnas Beach). Whether by car or ferry (summertime only), upon arrival, you are going to slide that swimsuit off, and enjoy tanning in the Portugese sun, or swimming in the sterile waters. Due to the beach not having many visitors compared to the many other beaches in Portugal, this is a splendid opportunity for nudist newcomers to step out of their comfort zone. The area also has little to no infrastructure or food and drink services. Be sure to prepare a meal, beverages, and anything else you like to carry to your beach trip. When you’re not enjoying the water or the sun, explore Furnas Beach’s many caves that will provide exquisite shade if you’d like to stray from the sun. There is also a large cliff you can hike up that will give you a picturesque view of the entire beach. Enjoy a sweet, secluded time at Praia de Furnas 

Gunnison Beach (New Jersey, USA)


The largest nude beach in the Northeastern area of the US is geared to have you enamored as soon as you touch the sand. Once you come in contact with the clothing optional signs, take off those togs, secure a spot, and soak up the sun and Gunnison waters. The beach also has designated areas for a pleasant picnic, and dramatic views of Brooklyn, New York and the Verrazano Bridge. When you are finished experiencing the nude beach, get dressed, and visit other attractions the Sandy Hook area has to offer. In the clothed areas of the beach, you can spot the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse in America. Take a water taxi into the Highlands town close-by, and try the various Mexican, Cuban, Jamaican, and Italian eateries in the area. Clothing or no clothing, your visit to Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook will be off the hook! 

Samurai Beach (New South Wales, Australia) 

Source: Flickr

In a country that is often referred to as “down under”, the New South Wales beach is a perfect place to showcase what you have going on down under (and up top). Get your kit off, and watch your body glisten in the outback sun and ocean waters. Make it an overnight or weekend trip, and camp on the beach’s nearby campgrounds (also clothing-optional). If you decide to camp, know that, you are going to be one with nature the entire time. If you need a place with showers, toilets, and electricity, then camping here may not be for you. After a great moment of naked leisure, be sure to visit the adjacent attractions, such as Tomaree National Park, or Stephen’s port for dolphin and whale watching. Like a samurai, you will feel like quite the warrior after visiting this clothing optional beach! 

Noboribetsu Onsens (Hokkaido, Japan)

Source: Sugoii Japan

While not a nude beach, onsens, or hot springs, are quite popular in Japan to bare it all and douse yourself in a halcyon atmosphere. After all, onsens are spaces geared towards relaxation, purification, and socialization after a busy day of work, or in your case, sightseeing. As you end the day of visiting Noboribetsu’s bear farm, marine park, shrines and shops, or attending the August Demon Festival, bless yourself by stopping at the many hot springs throughout the town. After the cleaning procedure at each onsen location, immerse yourself in the therapeutic, thermal waters supplied by Noboribetsu’s volcanic Jigokudani, or “hell valley”. Depending on the hot springs location you visit (e.g. Noboribetsu Grand Hotel; Takiyona; Dai-ichi Takimotokan, etc.) you will receive a glorious view of Noboribetsu Jigokudani from the comfort of your indoor or outdoor onsen spot. Additionally, the valley’s naturally toasty waters are not only therapeutic, but provide superb health benefits such as pain relief and improved blood circulation from its minerals. Enjoy an earthly, cleansing experience and visit Noboribetsu onsens today! 

Hedonism II (Negril, Jamaica) 

Source: Kayak

Nestled at the edge of Negril’s World Famous 7 Mile Beach, this eccentric resort will ‘maica you crazy! Hedonism II is a resort geared to making you feel liberated and find your sexy. Start your alluring adventure visiting the nude section of the resort’s pools, hot tubs, and stunning beaches to engage in skinny dipping, swimming, or sunbathing. At the pools, enjoy an endless supply of premium beverages at the swim-up bars. On the beaches, wallow in wondrous water recreations such as windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. You can also schedule a spa day, or play a game of tennis, golf, or volleyball, albeit the games do require clothing. After a day of debauchery, dress up or down in something sensual for nightly fun in the Romping Shop Playroom, or a party at the resort’s nighttime events, each night having a playful, but risqué theme. Don’t get too lewd or carried away: consent is still key, and there are legal repercussions if you get out of conduct by the resort or the country’s standards. Hedonism II not only promotes respect for all its guests, but the environment too. Daily, there are raffles with amazing prizes as an incentive for those who decline housekeeping services or conserve energy with their AC usage. The resort also provides green-friendly water bottles to help reduce plastic usage, and the carbon footprint. Let your seductive, free-spirited self emerge during your grown-folk getaway at Hedonism II! 

Ågesta Nude Beach (Stockholm, Sweden)

Source: Living + Nomads

In the capital city of Sweden, submerge yourself into Scandinavian waters unclothed. Feet first, swim to various sections of the lush lake to either lounge or lather your skin in its clean and calm waters. After those moments of wet whimsy, dry off on the grassy terrain by sunbathing, enjoying a picnic, or playing on the swings. There is also an outdoor café onsite to enjoy tasty food and beverages. In the evening time, there are often barbecue events to try some deliciously grilled Swedish cuisine. During the middle of June, the beach celebrates “Naturism Day” where nudists celebrate nudity through fun events and games like petanque or volleyball. As you visit hotspots in Stockholm such as City Hall or the ABBA Museum, make sure to add a moment of au naturale adventure and visit Ågesta Nude Beach! 

Black’s Beach (San Diego, USA)

Source: California Beaches

Started this article with a US beach, so this article cannot end without mentioning the first official nude beach in America! As you hike the trail down to the northern part of the beach, discard your trunks and two-pieces for some fun in the sun! The beach’s high tides and strong currents makes it an ideal space to go surfing. You may even catch or participate in a game of nude volleyball. After your time at the beach, stop by the nearby attractions in the La Jolla, San Diego area. Soar your way into paragliding by Black’s Beach at Torrey Pines Gliderport. Attend a kayak tour in La Jolla Bay to discover compelling sea caves. Entertain yourself to a musical or theatrical performance at the Opera Neo or the La Jolla Playhouse, respectively. Like the many nude and clothing-optional spaces listed throughout this article, have a thrilling and emancipating experience baring it all at Black’s Beach! 


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