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AAPI Owned Eateries to Support Across the US

If you follow the American news recently, you’ve seen the ongoing, hateful acts committed towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. During unfortunate instances as such, it’s crucial to stand in solidarity with groups facing harsh injustices, and support them. Supporting comes in many methods, such as protests, petitions, practicing your first amendment rights via the polls or press, and patronage. As you travel throughout the States, be sure to do the latter, and support local and sustainable, AAPI businesses to increase visibility, community, and environmental and social awareness. Particularly, visit and enjoy establishments home to one of the most important aspects of many AAPI cultures: food! From traditional meals passed throughout the family tree, to meals influenced by being an immigrant in America, there are many stories and supple spreads waiting for you to culturally immerse and chow down on during your travels. Uncertain of where to start? We at ecomadic can assist per our assemblage of Asian-owned eateries for a grand, green dining experience!


American Son

Source: American Son at Eaton DC

Price Range – $$$

In America’s capital city, Chef Tim Ma works at an Eaton DC Hotel restaurant, conjuring up a cuisine capable of pleasuring your palate. American Son makes the American “melting pot” idea the moment by serving a selection of American comfort foods (handcrafted burgers and sandwiches, neapolitan pizzas, pastas, pastries, etc.) through the recipes and interpretations of a second generation immigrant! In addition, the location uses local, organic, chemical-free certified, and veggie-forward ingredients in each meal, such as the produce grown at the hotel’s rooftop garden. Be it brunch, dinner, or a sweet treat, American Son will nourish and nurture your hunger!

The Herbivorous Butcher

Source: The Herbivorous Butcher

Price Range – $$

Minnesota is home to the Vikings and a vegan establishment by a sibling duo! Aubry and Kale Walch analyzed the overproduction within the meat industry, from the inhuman animal treatments, to its effects on climate change. Since they were already vegan back when they lived in Guam, they thought “why not share this greenhouse emission-free experience with everyone?” Thus, with each filet mignon, bratwurst, jerky, ice cream, and assortment of cheeses they produce, the plant-based passion is pelted in, to enrich your thoughts and tastes of an eco-friendly world! Momentarily, you cannot dine at their restaurants, but you can do a curbside pickup order if you live in the Minnesota area. Non-Minnesotans, don’t fret, for the Walch siblings ship to all fifty states and Puerto Rico, so you may marvel in the meat-free meals they make!


Source: Mandu DC

Price – $$

A family-owned restaurant, Chef Yeeson Lee, and her children Danny and Jean, provide an authentic Korean experience through homestyle cuisine at their Washington, DC restaurant. With local, organic ingredients, fascinate yourself with their appetizing dishes such as the eminent mandu (why not try the dumplings the restaurant is named after?), kimchi, ddukbokgi (rice cakes), and chap chae (sweet potato noodles). Depending on your dietary conditions, ManduDC may modify your order to fit your vegan or gluten-free needs. Although the pandemic has limited it to delivery and pick-up, the restaurant has opened up the patio area, though you must make a reservation, and follow the regulations listed on their website. Mashike mogo at ManduDC!


Source: Maketto

Price – $$

A space for community and culture, Maketto welcomes you into an establishment that you could call your second home. Located in Washington, DC, Maketto is a marketplace that meets a selection of your consumer needs. In the mood for some retail therapy? Stop by the shop section that sells an assortment of clothes, shoes, accessories, and literature. Feel the need to relax and meet new people? Enter the café area and quaff a cup of cortado or macchiato to calm your nerves while enjoying the ambience. Craving exquisite cuisine? Chef Erik wants you to look no further! The restaurant portion of Maketto provides an eclectic selection of Taiwanese and Cambodian-inspired cooking so lip-smackingly lavishing, you’ll ask for seconds of dishes like Pidan Tofu or Cambodian Style Pho. Just when Maketto can’t get anymore interesting, head up to the marketplace’s roof, and see a beautiful, botanical lounge to be in awe of the Southeast Asian culture and aesthetic around said rooftop. Whatever you engage in at Maketto, know that your visit is as highly valued as the experience you’ll enjoy!

The Good Fork Restaurant & Bar

Source: The Good Fork

Price – $$

Since 2006, Souhi Kim and her husband Benjamin Schneider have fed the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, New York with “eclectic seasonal, New American dishes” a forkful at a time! From kimchi to dumplings to smoky eggplant spread on ciabatta bread, The Good Fork shares the importance of food, entertainment, and comfort. These elements have been dear to Kim since she was a child growing up in South Korea, and she wants her patrons to understand those feelings when enjoying the cuisine. Unfortunately, The Good Fork closed last summer, but it has reopened as a pop-up shop for a fellow friend and former chef at the Good Fork: Leland Yu. Between March 4, 2021 and May 2, 2021, enjoy Yu’s Chinese-American delightful dishes like the crab rangoon, the cucumber salad, and the mushroom fried rice, which are available for take-out and delivery. It is uncertain if the Good Fork itself will ever reopen as it once was, but you can still support the eatery by purchasing the recipe books on their website, and bringing the importance of food and fine dining to your household!

Kye’s Feel Good Food

Source: Kye’s

Price – $

Heading over to the west coast, it’s time to enjoy clean quality cooking made with the care of a marvelous mother! Jeannie Cheng has always enjoyed stoving up nutritious and delicious meals. Being a parent to a son who has food sensitivities and a selective palate took her philosophies on healthy eating to another level. That was when Kye’s Feel Good Food was born. The “Kye” being a reference to her son, Cheng established the Californian restaurants (located in Hollywood and Santa Monica) to share organic and sustainable foods to everyone, especially the kids. Try a bread-free sandwich known as the Kyerito, or succulent soups, salads, and sweets that are made to cater to most dietary needs (most are free of gluten, nut, dairy, egg, and soy; some may be paleo or keto). Any meal you try at Kye’s, know that you’ll aid in bettering the health of you and the environment!


Source: ZOMO

Price – $

The Englewood, Colorado eatery is filled with extravagant foods and an enchanting backstory that makes each bite of their meals tastier than the next. High school sweethearts turned to a married couple. Alysia and Ryan created Zomo from the ground up, from renovating a century old building, to merging their respective Vietnamese and Chinese cultures and family traditions into their menus. Certain food items, such as the Vietnamese Egg Rolls, have their own tale based on the grandparents’ migration stories. Whether you’re enjoying Ma’s Stir Fry, Jalapeno Wontons, or Green Papaya Salad, enjoy the history and hearty eats at this family-owned business!

Señor Sisig

Source: Eater SF

Price – $

Infuse your taste buds with fantastic, Filipino street food! Seeing the amazing street foods around their hometown, San Francisco, California, and the Kogi’s Korean Food Truck in Los Angeles, founders Evan Kidera and Gil Payuma decided to partake in this industry! The goal: simply giving street food enthusiasts the best of both worlds via formatting a Filipino dish known as sisig into street foods such as tacos, burritos, salads, and rice. Whether you’re enjoying a meat or plant based sisig burrito, fries, or nachos, let the union of the different cultures melt in your mouth, and make you visit their food truck or restaurant locations time and time again!

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

Source: Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

Price – $

Bringing happiness and freedom to everyone, Shizen supplies salivating sushi, while bringing an eco-friendly alternative in the sushi industry. As all meat industries, sushi production has had a negative impact on the ocean, and our underwater pals. To promote ocean conservation in the dining world, Kin Lui, Ray Wang, and Casson Tresson created Shizen to provide vegan, gluten-free sushi and other Japanese and Californian-style selections. Satisfy your appetite with a classic sushi roll, yakimono, or nigiri, knowing that the local ingredients used are reducing the usage of animal resources and carbon footprints. Next time you’re in the mission district in San Francisco, California, stop by Shizen, where fish are friends, and not food!

Lion Dance Cafe

Source: Lion Dance Cafe

Price – $$

Authentic, but not traditional, the Oakland, California eatery prepares an all-vegan menu inspired by family recipes, and cooking from Singapore and China. Throughout her childhood in Singapore, C-Y Chia would be amazed by the lion dance performances, and the good luck the lion dance brings. Influenced by the good fortune those dances possess, Chia wishes her food will carry those same feelings and comfort when consumers enjoy the café’s Laksa, Shaobing Sandwich, or ASS cookies. Dining may not be an option during this time, but pickups are available on Fridays and Saturdays. Browse through their website to see how you can place an order. Be aware that not all menu items will be available on the respective pick-up day. Regardless, may you enjoy and entertain yourself with Lion Dance Café’s delicacies, and let it make you feel lucky like a lion dance! 

Ba Bar

Source: Ba Bar

Price – $$

Like the film title, Sleepless in Seattle, you want to be wide awake to absorb the appealing eats at the Saigon Siblings’ eateries in the Washington state city. Located on the Capitol Hill, South Lake, and U Village districts in Seattle, Ba Bar was born, dedicated to the late patriarch of the Saigon Siblings and Banh family. Using local and organic ingredients, the chefs at Ba Bar conjure up voluptuous, Vietnamese-style street food. Expanding on street food, don’t expect the burgers, hot dogs, and tacos you’d find at any major US city food truck or vendor. Ba Bar’s selling the street food found in the streets of any town in Vietnam, such as Phở Gà Trộn (rice noodles), wonton soup, and macarons. Lounge and learn the legacy of the Banh family and the many street food dishes when you visit the Seattle eatery.

Mei Mei

Source: Mei Mei

Price – $$

Farm focused and women owned, Mei Mei curates Chinese-American cuisine in the Commonwealth of Boston, Massachusetts. Being the youngest sister – or “mei mei” of the Li family, Irene created the restaurant with her older siblings to share meals they’ve enjoyed from babies until now with all food fanatics! While making dishes reminiscent of the generations worth of family recipes, the family-owned kitchen restaurant ensures that the products are made and distributed in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. From the various dumplings, noodles, and curry using organic, farm-raised products, Mei Mei also supplies events and virtual classes to teach consumers more about sustainability, and reducing waste when cooking in the kitchen! Order a meal, buy their cookbooks and merch, or schedule to attend an upcoming class or event with Mei Mei for an ameizing and appetizing time!

MAK (Modern Asian Kitchen)

Source: MAK

Price – $

“Fast. Fresh. Flavorful.” These are the perfect words to describe a Chicago restaurant with Chinese cuisine that’ll blow you away in the Windy City. After his parents closed their restaurant in ‘98, Tommy Wang and his little brother Jonas took the family torch and created Modern Asian Kitchen to serve quality Chinese food, with sustainability in mind. While also being eco-friendly with how the foods are packaged, produced, even providing vegan, and gluten-free options, Wang wanted the menu to have a mixture of modernized takes on traditional dishes, while also providing options reminiscent of what his Ye Ye (grandfather) would cook. Sink your teeth into lo mein, fried rice, soba salad, and bimibop for a taste as magnificent as Illinois’ Magnificent Mile!

Ichiza Kitchen

Source: Ichiza Kitchen

Price – $$

In a city that loves the environment, Portland invites you in to try plant-based, Pan-Asian cuisine at Ichiza Kitchen. Serving non-GMO, vegan foods and drinks, Ichiza places you in the zen zone, and serves you your meals and drinks simultaneously. Like the meaning for “ichiza”, the restaurant believes that the pairing of a meal and its beverage shall be enjoyed in one sitting. Indulge in Ichiza Noodle Soup, Turnip Cakes, or Ba Wan Buns, and accompany it with a palatable assortment of oolong teas and tisanes! Although pickup and delivery are currently the only dining options, you can still relish in the calming combinations of food and drink flavors during your stay in the city of roses.

HoMade Sweets

Source: HoMade Sweets

Price – $$

Made with the love and comfort of a humble abode, Catherine Ho Simon is cooking up some homemade – rather HoMade Sweets – at her Old Dominion eatery. A mother and pâtissière, Simon hopes every morsel of the magnificent cookies you’ll munch into reciprocates the whimsical and passionate feelings she has towards these charming confections. Each week, a new menu is made with an array of treats for all to enjoy. Flavors such as Lemon Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, or Golden Oreo Lady Gaga Edition will saturate your enamel with sugary splendor, you’ll have more than just a sweet tooth! When you visit Virginia, stop by this shop to taste for yourself cookies brilliantly baked, you’d think Catherine Ho Simon was your own mother!

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