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Stressful day at work? Celebrating an achievement? Excited for the weekend/vacation ahead? Nothing betters the mood more than a refreshing glass of wine. A beverage with social and health benefits, wine is one of the greatest drinks ever made. Some may even rank it as second to the beverage Jesus turned into wine: water. As you reach for the bottle to pour another glass, you may have pondered about where this excellency is being produced. Put down the bottle, and grab your tourist gear, because you are about to frolic through the fields of environmentally friendly wineries! Throughout this list of ten sustainable wineries, hopefully you’ll be incited to visit one and have a divine time. Before we flow into the first vineyard, this is a reminder that we at ecomadic promote environmental and social responsibility and share similar sentiments when indulging in alcoholic beverages. Drink responsibly. 

Rose Hill Vineyards (New York, USA)

Source: Long Island Wine Country

Formerly Shinn Estate Vineyards, the New York vineyard is dedicated to sustainable winemaking and excellent hospitality! From the vineyard’s comfortable library to the outdoor patio the vivid views of the 125-year-old vineyard’s beauty is incomparable. Walk through the sustainable-farmed vineyard, and view the thirteen varietals Rose Hill offers. Step into the cellar powered by solar energy and wind turbine for an exquisite tasting! Try the many wines like the steel-fermented 2020 First Fruit, the crisp, 2020 Rose Hill Rosé, and the barreled chardonnay grapes known as Alambic Brandy. Make it a weekend trip and stay at the Rose Hill Inn. This bed and breakfast is highly recommended for couples and those wanting to explore the North Fork region of Mattituck, New York. Rose Hill provides guides to the local hotspots of the area, alongside its complimentary amenities during your stay (e.g. complimentary charcuterie board and discounts to any Rose Hill wine purchase). The name may have recently changed, but their eco-friendly traditions remain. Make your rosy reservation to this vineyard soon! 

Glass House Winery (Virginia, USA) 

Source: Windering

Transparent in the sustainable cultivation of the grapes used for their wines, this is a Glass House you can’t throw stones at! Adding a tropical flair among the wineries part of the Monticello Wine Trail, the Glass House consists of resplendent vines, a glass conservatory filled with alluring foliage, and an in-house chocolate shop. Be sure to pair wines such as the grape brandy 2013 Belleza or the Amarone-style 2017 Audace with chocolates like the raspberry-liqueur ganache, Raspberry Champagne, or the mango-pureed, white chocolate ganache, Mango Mania. If you visit during Friday evenings or Sundays, you are in for a pungent treat. Live music events occur during these times, where guests can dance and enjoy the tunes on the deck, facing the lake. For a clear experience of sweets, songs, and cellars, visit Glass House Winery! 

Cakebread Cellars (California, USA) 

Source: LinkedIn

A Napa Valley nonpareil, Cakebread Cellars is a wine wonderland waiting for you to sip. Fifteen vineyards throughout Napa Valley (and one in Anderson Valley), each Cakebread Cellar location focuses on composting, and reducing run-off in the vineyards, and utilizing micro-turbine energy in the cellars. Since 1973, green practices have been essential for the California winery. The winery was even awarded a Napa Green and Fish Friendly certification alongside participating in the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing program. During your time at vineyards like Maple Lane Vineyard or Doggwood Ranch, be sure to try their Sauvignon Blanc while gazing at the gorgeous California hills and mountains. There are also many great tasting tours designed for various enthusiasts, such as foodies and garden lovers. Get your slice of Cakebread Cellars satisfaction soon! 

King Estate Winery (Oregon, USA)

Source: Vino Travels

Respecting the environment and the people who enjoy their wine, the King Family provides a royal and sustainable experience in their Willamette Valley winery. Hundreds and hundreds of acres into pinot gris and pinot noir grape vineyards, King Estate prides in cultivating fruit in a biodynamic fashion. Not only will you see that while walking through the regal estate, but also when you taste the rich, eco-responsible flavors of the 2018 King Estate Domaine Pinot Gris, 2018 King Estate Willamette Valley Muscat, and the 2017 King Estate Four Nobles Cuvee Blanc. After an impeccable wine tasting, be sure to stay for lunch or dinner at the estate’s restaurant. All menu items are made from organic, local ingredients, including the produce grown on the estate’s glorious garden. For majestic memories, savor the noble flavor at King Estate Winery.

Tasca d’Almerita (Sicily)

Source: BKWine Magazine

Two centuries and eight generations “written in the land” can be tasted in each glass you drink from this Sicilian vineyard. Choose from Tasca d’Almerita’s five estates, each with its own individual characteristics. Head to the Regaleali Estate in the center of Sicily for a splash of Nozze D’oro, in addition to enjoying authentic, Italian cuisine, using fresh ingredients from the estate’s vegetable garden at Case Grandi. Sink into the rich history of the Mutanga at the Tascante estate. Pamper yourself with Tascante’s Nerello Mascalese, a wine made of grapes grown from the volcanic soils of Mt Etna, a mountain you can view at Tascante Estate from the terraces. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, pop open a bottle of Didyme at the Capofaro Estate in Salina, Sicily, and watch as the lighthouse gleams over you at sunset. With more estates, wines, and other organic products produced for a sustainable future, Tasca d’Almerita is a sizzling, Sicilian spot to stop and sip during your vacation here.

Barone Pizzini (Lombardy, Italy)

Source: Barone Pizzini

In the Franciacorta region of Lombardy, you’ll find over two decades worth of organic viticulture and opulent grapes. “Efficiency, elegance and minimal impact on the environment” has always been the motto for Barone Pizzini. Encompassed by 29 vineyards and 54 hectares, this Italian vineyard implements their motto effortlessly via various methods such as simple, non-chemical processing in the vineyards, and the usage of photovoltaic panels in the cellars. As you learn more about Barone Pizzini’s green practices, in addition to the lush history of the Franciacorta area, savor the wonder wine flavors like the silky Satèn (Franciacorta DOCG), the rejuvenating Polzina (Curtefranca DOC), and the ripe and velvety Rosso (Montenetto di Brescia IGT). Visit Barone Pizzini for an organic and enticing experience. 

Champagne (France)

Source: Shermans Travel

The beverage brought out during holidays and celebratory events, why not visit the birthplace of the bubbly? Inevitably, a location which produces a high-value drink will be at the forefront of sustainable practices. The Champagne region of France prides itself in its preservation of biodiversity, reduction of carbon footprint and hazardous byproducts, and tackling the climate crisis. The plethora of champagne houses, wine trails, cellars, and vineyards throughout the region, you will have fizzy fun with the assortment of champagnes Champagne offers. At the end of the tour, you will definitely understand the difference between champagne with black grapes, champagne with white grapes, vintage champagne, modern champagne, rosé champagne, and white champagne. Allons-y, and have an effervescent adventure in Champagne! 

Bodegas Monje (Tenerife) 

Source: Bodegas Monje

The most populous island of the Canary Islands is providing a tropical and potent experience at this family-owned winery. Aside from the green practices when cultivating grapes and other organic products, Bodegas Monje also practices sustainable tourism. The winery was even awarded the Sustainable Tourism Practices Award for its sustainable picnics using recyclable and reusable materials, as well as being socially responsible during the global pandemic. Choose a wine tour at the main winery in El Sauzal, or at a peculiar location on this dynamic island, while satiating in a glass of the fruity and flowery Drago-Blanco, the tannish, berry-tasting Bibiana Monje, or the ruby red Tradicional. There are also premium tours, where you can enjoy the islandic wines underwater, in a helicopter, or gazing at the starry night skies at Teide National Park. Travel to Tenerife’s winery to have your taste buds tantalizing para siempre! 

Wildekrans Wine Estate (Botrivier, South Africa)

Source: Expedia

Planted in the breathtaking Botrivier Valley lies 1000 hectares of land capturing the true essence of winemaking and vine and soil treatment. Wildekrans Wine Estate prides itself on caretaking vines and producing low yielding crops of pronounced structure and fruit intensity. In addition to sustainable farming, Wildekrans Wine Estate also provides ethical business practices for the farmers in the vineyard, as well as halal-certified olive oils. Bless your taste buds in the estate’s cellar as you try organic wines such as the aromatic Shiraz, the peppery and plush Pinotage, and the spicy yet chocolatey Deep Purple. The estate is so grand that there are many outdoor trails to go mountain biking, horseback riding, and running. After a dose of physical activity sit down for a bite and more wine at Wildekrans’ on-site restaurant. For a fantastic thrill on a luxury farm, visit Wildekrans Wine Estate! 

L’Acadie Vineyards (Nova Scotia, Canada) 

Source: Nova Scotia

Dazzle your way into the nectarous Nova Scotia territory for a lavish supply of organic, sparkling wines! Grown from the mineral-rich soil of ancient sea-beds, L’Acadie Vineyards treasures practicing sustainability and organic farming, for it creates a better future for upcoming generations, while amazingly augmenting the wine flavors. Currently, you may wonder how dirt and greenery can enhance this grape drink’s flavors; however, when you visit and taste the vineyards’ exquisite wines like the toasty 2017 Vintage Cuvée Rosé, the tropical 2020 Tidal Bay, and the citrusy 2020 Petillant Naturel, you will shimmer and sing the praises of the soil and its caretakers. Apace with the vineyards listed throughout this article, may your time at L’Acadie Vineyards be a radiant recess to remember! 


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