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an Indigenous youth faces the camera with a Pride flag painted over their right eye, donning a traditional beaded headdress

The term Two Spirit is being reclaimed and reinstated with its sacred connotation, thanks only to the continued perseverance and advocacy of the First People. 

ancient Greek temple

Greece is known for its famous myths, art works, and the birth of philosophy – less known is that it also has a long history of queer representation.

Close-up of Lots of Colorful Seashells

Nature Is Queer. It always has been, always will be, and no amount of biblical spewage or pseudoscientific innuendos will change that.

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ecomadic is a platform that connects sustainably-minded travelers with responsible businesses & experiences. As a sustainable travel brand, we are on the mission to empower travelers to make responsible decisions that positively impact destinations and keep tourism dollars within local communities. Through our travel platform & magazine, we seek to redefine travel as a sustainable practice that supports the social, economic, and environmental health of destinations and the world at large for years to come.

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