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Besides giving workers more individual freedom, remote work and e-learning has the power to positively transform your relationship with the environment.

Turkish flag hangs from a cobblestone bridge and is reflected in the water below

The country formerly known as Turkey has changed its official spelling to “Türkiye." Though the difference is seemingly small, it has large implications.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the key to turning the tide and giving humanity a glimmer of hope for a sustainable future.

empty beach with shrubs and rocks, a sign post pointing in different directions indicating the location of different destinations

Travel journaling can be a powerful tool for reflection, remembrance, and resolution. To begin, all you need is a destination in mind.

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ecomadic is a platform that connects sustainably-minded travelers with responsible businesses & experiences. As a sustainable travel brand, we are on the mission to empower travelers to make responsible decisions that positively impact destinations and keep tourism dollars within local communities. Through our travel platform & magazine, we seek to redefine travel as a sustainable practice that supports the social, economic, and environmental health of destinations and the world at large for years to come.

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