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If you travel to the very end of the world, you’ll find penguins, ice – though it is melting a bit – and with more and more frequency, tourists. Considered the last untouched place on our planet, Antarctica is alluring due to its gorgeous glacial landscapes, unique wildlife, and potential for adventure. There isn’t any other place like it in the world, which is why scientists, explorers, and curious travelers flock to it despite harsh conditions. There’s another driving factor in recent years: we don’t know how much longer a place like Antarctica will be around, causing a surge of “last chance tourism”. As Antarctica is exposed to more tourists each year, hitting a record 74,401 in the 2019-2020 season, there have been rising concerns about how travel harms an environment that is already under threat. No matter how fascinating Antarctica is, there’s a big question that must be answered: can travel to the icy continent really be sustainable? 

An educational globe with the continent of Africa facing the lens

Traveling is at heart a cultural exchange, and it seems that many need a reminder that the continent of Africa cannot be generalized as a single entity.

an Indigenous youth faces the camera with a Pride flag painted over their right eye, donning a traditional beaded headdress

The term Two Spirit is being reclaimed and reinstated with its sacred connotation, thanks only to the continued perseverance and advocacy of the First People. 

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